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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

squisito e perfetto

yeah yeah yeah... nanananananananana NU ABO.. ( trus nyanyi lgu f(x) hahah )
ku happy banget arini :).. mana satu kamu mahu dengar dulu?
first thing first.. today my class was so.. huh =,= ..(boring).. b4 i tell u about today events.. i want to share with u guys about our dinner last night~ hihi.. funny la juga :)
yesterday.. miera with kay lepak d rumah sampai petang.. all of the sudden they were making plan to hv steamboat as our dinner.. jalan punya jalan dalam berhujan.. kami singgah la dulu at miera's house..  da mandi2 bru kami gerak :).. yang best nya restoran 2 dekat ja ngn rumah miera yang part xbest nya restoran tu TUTUP! 
last choice?
where u just pay RM 17.70 for 2 hours non stop.. :) just imagine.. i had my 3 bowl of salad.. 1 plate full wif rice for sure my had my chicken.. (^,^).. 2 small plate of ice cream :) eee... s0 perfect! what i can say is  FULL BABE~
then the next mornin.. hurmm.. tuesday?.. today i have a continuous classes from 2-6 which is ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC COMMUNICATION    and MICROECONOMICS  .
 for english.. we learned about data analysis but.. i dont really get this topic bcuz..
i was enjoyed with this s0ng EDWARD MAYA feat MIA MARTINA : STEREO LOVE huhhh... feeling like wanna dance.. hahaha..
for micro? hahha... i sign my attendance and taking my test 1 paper then? get my butt out from that class
i admit my action was a bit inappropriate but even i was in the class i could not do anything.. haha.. when i reached home all of my friend were here and they cooked dinner! fried rice~! yummy~~!!
sampai ke saat saya tekan2 keyboard ini :)
g2g.. its getting late n wanna sleep.. take care bloggyna  
see y'all when I see y'all :)

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