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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

pendapat ja la ~

jam menunjukkan pukul 11 mlm~ 
arini 1 ari yg amat biasa klas sya smpai ptg n hmpir seluruh hari sya hbiskan d kolej~
ari isnin tu kmi p beli brg d SMART haha..
s0, i beli la brg  keperluan mcm snacks n cloth softener n benda yg plik yg jarang kena beli n i bought it is febreze,,
the best part is saya beli n pkai kees0kan pagi~
n only that ja sya pkai cuz tday my class packed!
s0 just now i kmas tmpt tdo n when i want to spray it the bottle was EMPTY!! 
unbelievable~ da** it!
geram sgt2~

pls. bukan nak memaki d cni cuma pls be considerate ckit bh don't become selfish..
btw~ the way u act dear is totally plastic~ pls don't make me felt uncomfortable when u around~
i can eat whatever u want . u can bring whoever u want but plz make sure the food u eat or people u bring is in good shape or attitude~ i ' sure all of we don't want get kicked from here only by ur mistake~
i'm not trying to blame u but when u saw opposite sex inside u can called girls house without any cloths on what u expect people 2 think?
when all the neighbour know that all of us is still unmarried~?
so called single?
i try 2 follow ur flow but don't make me against u pls~
do u aware that u becoming like the girl u hate?
u want to be at the same level like her?
having a SD 
no pls~~ lame!
byk da sya curhat ne~ 
sorry u r not suppose to read this~
under age pal !!
so get ur ass out from this title~!
opps!! iena u cannot treat people like that!
but u free to read other than this one haha ~
pls be my guest!
my pleasure~
i'm sure.. i will be writing again but for now i need to calm down my mind~
still hurt about the emptiness~

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